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Just as the conversation seems to be nearing a close, your now ex- partner leans in close and… boom.

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20 people married for 20+ years share how they keep things hot in the bedroom | prevention

Contrary to some common wisdom that says breakup sex is badMoore believes it can be part of the healing process. Overall, the emotional impact of breakup sex has a lot to do with how the relationship ended and how both partners are feeling about the split. As an alternative, the Kindle eBook is available now and can be read on any device with the free Kindle app. Moore explains that after a breakup, our feelings are in a heightened state, which le to an Waant emotional connection.

You'll hto able to share not only your fears, your worries, your concerns, you will also be able to share your fantasies, your desires, and what gets you extra hot and excited in bed. But then you'll also encounter the mmore — there's always that pal who narrates in detail at the squad brunch about her super hot breakup sex with her on-again off-again lover.

In fact, Moore argues that sometimes it helps couples find closure in a mlre way. Remembering that sex is about so much more than just making each other orgasm. By revisiting these reasons, it can help to provide clarity.

Want more hot sex

You'll feel more connected, plus it's like a fun TBT to the beginning of your relationship, when things moved slower — but were still mega-exciting. An example might be the shared physical connection two people have in the bedroom. Instead of having a high-pressure conversation about what fantasies you'd like to explore, consider trying out an app or website specifically deed to help couples discover and communicate about their fantasies. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

The negative about this is that you are putting your pleasure into the hands of another person, and over time that will erode your personal connection with your own pleasure. Plus, taking a trip to the sex shop together to pick out a toy or more than one!

Fun sex ideas - ways to spice up sex life

But instead, you end up in bed together. Moore explains breakup sex as one facet in the drawn-out process of ending a relationship. John D.

Just as the conversation seems to be nearing a close, your now ex- partner leans in close and… boom. Even the most sexually compatible couples can fall into a rut — what really matters is that you're both willing to mote and work together to bring more fun and excitement into the bedroom. This emotional intimacy is the foundation for really hot sex in ways that will blow your mind.

So what's the key to having hotter, more intimate sex with your partner? Make sure that you are taking time to honor your body through masturbation or relaxation so you can always check in with how you are currently receiving pleasure and then tell that to your partner.

More hot sex: how to do it longer, better, and hotter than ever

Once you're clear on that front, feel free to get it on after you cut things off! Why do some couples tend to do this? But if you've been feeling like you're stuck in a sexual rutone of the easiest ways to make things feel new and fresh again is to switch up your routine and have more spontaneous sex. They can't read your mind, and you being in touch literally with your pleasure mors foster deeper intimacy in your relationship.

As confusing as it can be, the psychology behind breakup sex reveals why this questionable decision can feel super hot and morr in the moment.

Want more hot sex

The best way to make this happen is to just make it happen! Everyone seems to have an opinion about it, one way or another.

6 tips for having sex when it's hot out, including ice cubes, showers, and cotton sheets

If you feel like your sex life has taken a turn for the boring, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Psychosexual and relationship psychotherapist Kate Moyle elaborates by saying that breakup sex allows us to be bolder than we might usually be in bed.

Cristina Bosch and Dr. I reached out to Dr. Moore tells Elite Daily he recommends that people check back in with themselves a day or two after having breakup sex.

More like this. As a result, you can have whatever sex makes you feel most satisfied and connected. Pathak, d psychotherapist and founder of the Relationship Center of Silicon Valleytells Bustle.

Want more hot sex

No matter how good your sex life already is, if you're willing to put in a little effort and try out some new ways to have hotter sex with your partner, it can be even better. Want to listen? Oh, and definitely fill in the squad during your next brunch outing. When done in a healthy way, where both people see it as a last hurrah, breakup sex can be a useful way to let go of your relationship.

By Laken Howard June 6, The healthiest relationships are ones in which both you and your partner can work as a team to constantly grow together and improve different aspects of the relationship — including your sex life.

That's more than okay—that's real giving, when you give to your partner what he or she wants and needs whether or not you understand, like, or agree with morr. It is what creates a dynamic interplay of intensity and attraction for your partner. Sexuality comes through your openness about yourself, your sense of self, your self-confidence.

More hot sex: how to do it longer, better, and hotter than ever by tracey cox

Is breakup sex setting you up for confusion, or is it ho great way to end things on a high note? If you really think about it, breakup sex is kind of a strange concept. Moored psychotherapist and cognitive behavior specialist, to learn more about what goes on in our brains during breakup sex.

Want more hot sex

It pulls you out of the sadness of the moment to bring you back together for one last shared experience of pleasure. It will bring you closer, improve your self-esteem, you will feel wanted and got and appreciated more than ever, and it will spark your creative energies.

Best sex apps deed to spice things up between the sheets

Wanting to take your sex life to the next level doesn't mean your So what's the key to having hotter, more intimate sex with your partner? All this being said, though, breakup sex is likely to be pretty confusing as well. There's nothing wrong with a quickie every now and then because quickies can be super hotbut focusing on foreplay can be a way to get back to your sexual roots with your partner.

What's the right move here? They don't feel bad for having said no and their partner does not feel Removing sight and sound from an intimate experience heightens your sense of touch.

Hot sex: how to do it by tracey cox

The reason breakup sex feels so hot in the moment has to do with our lateral orbitofrontal cortex — the part of our brain responsible for making logical decisions. It's a way to heighten your sense of touch by removing one or more of aWnt other senses — so you can be hyper-focused on the way your partner is making you feel. There is nothing more sexual than that.

Instead of getting straight down to business, spend quality time focusing on foreplay : set aside time just to kiss and caress each other rather than going from zero to and only focusing on the end result aka an orgasm.