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To be a woman who conforms to a typically male timetable, never spending more time than the boys getting ready, who doesn't fuss with her appearance, implies that she's humble, agreeable, with more important things to do than primp.

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High maintenance cars are many times warned against, as they are expensive to upkeep, their parts must be imported, and the mileage is never worth the price of gas. Low or high, maintenance shouldn't mean that self-care is indulgent and self-expression is burdensome. I got into the beauty game late. Botox and filler, lash extensionsand microblading would be considered very high-maintenance, if only because they're expensive to do and way more extreme than just painting on makeup.

The Kardashians happened, as did " French girl beauty.

They know who they are, they are mzintenance with themselves and they refuse to go chasing buyers and sellers. Whether maintenancr keen on participating in conventional beauty standards that you benefit from or are trying to benefit fromor your chosen appearance just takes a bit of time and thought, the amount of time and effort that goes into your appearance is no one's business but your own.

However, no one is buying them. TL;DR, it's a trap. Within months of driving, however, the smooth ride is no longer admired, the glossy exterior no longer delighted in and the frills and gadgets no longer marveled at.

10 things every man should know before loving a low-maintenance woman

People associate price with quality For years, people have assumed that expensive cars were good cars. They are sturdy, dependable and have only gotten better over time. They are a depreciating asset from the moment you drive them off the lot, their presence only causing you stress and anxiety at every road bump and pot hole. Low maintenance women are the ones who can take more than a few potholes. When you are suddenly granted access to everything that was ly considered contraband, that power does not go unfelt.

Parking spots become graveyards and long drives become dreaded, as you begin to wonder why you cared so much about this car to begin with. However, taking those "extreme" measures so it can expedite your daily beauty routine champions the idea of being low-maintenancejust at a premium.

6 reasons being a “low-maintenance woman” is overrated

Maintenamce because she's low-maintenance doesn't means she doesn't want you to treat her like a majestic sweatpants princess once in a while. But hell, they look damn good. Then, social media happened. To be a woman who conforms to a typically male timetable, never spending more time than the boys getting ready, who doesn't fuss with her appearance, implies that she's humble, agreeable, with more important things to do than primp.

They are the women who will be there in 20 years, 30 years, still running smoothly.

Low maintenance woman

Despite the goading of pop culture, beauty never was and could never just be two things. She's like every princess in every fairy tale who's born the most beautiful girl in all the land yet remains totally humble and unaware of it, even though she's constantly reminded of how beautiful she is.

Low maintenance woman

Later on, I realized that it wasn't the simple and convenient beauty routine I coveted so much as it was the implications of natural-born, effortless beauty that I'd been fixated with. Low maintenance women, like the classic American cars people say they miss, are still around.

The high cost of being low maintenance |

At the bottom of it, makeup-shaming, body-trolling, and the otherwise narrow-sighted celebration of "natural beauty" all chafe at the concept of self-autonomy while existing within a system that doesn't actually have anyone's best interests in mind. And they should. They stay on the road, in their lane, happy to be moving along.

She's Regina George, authority of when you can maiintenance can't wear your hair mainrenance a ponytail, or to a much more fatal end, the demonically-possessed titular character in Jennifer's Body, who has to eat boys to stay beautiful so she can seduce more boys to eat. They only have. All the money spent on their exterior, the imported parts and unnecessary frills have the ability to attract even the most sensible of buyers.

Because of that, I never take for granted having full creative control over my appearance now. And, yes, for the women looking to purchase automobiles, men fall into thesetoo.

They're not objects; they're not things to be bought and sold, by men or anyone else. Often portrayed by the villainess or the mean, popular girl in your high school, she's representative of all the other tropes that hover near the ruder end of some moral spectrum — demanding, vacuous, and vain. So why, may I ask, if Loow are so obsessed with idea of the low maintenance girl, are they marrying all the high maintenance ones?

Everyone is distracted with the flashy on the billboards and hot models in front of shiny metal grills, not realizing these extra cup holders and heated seats are never going to bring them that happiness they are so desperately seeking.

High maintenance vs low maintenance girls |

While many times they maintenancf be right, they are forgetting about all those mid-range cars that run just as well and last you just as long. Like with most things, most drivers begin wanting something more, something new. Men typically want women to be low maintenance, because it means they can do what they want, when they want, with little or no consequences. They aren't looking for men to empty their pockets and invest in their drama.

They give so many men what they are longing for: validation.

High-maintenance women: why 90s rom coms ruined us

In my own experience, some men say they want a low maintenance chick. The basic products that do the job better than the ones with all the frills and added costs are drowned beneath a layer of neon paint and pretty packaging. Story continues Watching a very glamorous Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep literally tearing each other to bits in Death Becomes Her after taking an immortality potion the ultimate anti-ageryou could say has always been the most macabre hyperbole of beauty when I was younger.

Sometimes the nagging, complaining and demanding woamn worth the status that comes with owning such an expensive car.

5 remarkably simple ways to be a low maintenance friend – women abiding

The nature of high- and low-maintenance categorization mostly has served to stigmatize taking control of your own appearance. For a while, I strived to be low-maintenance, despite the fact that my attention was always caught up in all things ornamental and a little extra. I just want to wear makeup and do my hair however I want without it determining my level of maintenane and everything else that comes with it.

I'm not saying Belle from Beauty and the Beast wouldn't be just as literate, but I also don't think she'd spend every Saturday night alone at home reading books and fussing over her pa, "crazy ol' Maurice," you know? Their emblem, their name, their imported Italian maintenanxe seats. Translation is they want a sexually available woman who makes qoman demands of their. They are out there being real, being chill and, unfortunately, being left all alone.

Dating a low maintenance guy | centre of pan african thought

By default, I was the lowest-maintenance type there was, if only for the fact I had nothing to maintain. How many times have you heard someone described as low-maintance and pictured a cool and easygoing girl, but one whose already considered conventionally beautiful, like the pre-plastic Cady Heron in Mean Girls. He told her she was picky, bossy and always needed things done a certain way.

That, or when the evil queen in Snow White is so determined to be the fairest one of all that she routinely sucks the life essence from young, beautiful virgins in the more gruesome tellings of that tale from neighboring villages — an extremely unsustainable skin-care routine, if you ask me.