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My first time with a girl was with my sister, Mandy. I was maybe 5 and I think she was in Junior High School, a teenager at least. At that time, we slept in the same large bed. From the nightlight, I saw her hand moving under the sheet, right around where her legs came together. I watched for a little, and then ask, "Whatcha doin'?

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Sarah's breath caught when she saw Stephanie caress her small breasts.

Lesbian sister stories

10K A lesbian sister story. On both of those days, Sarah was treated to the same show by her sister.

Exploring my lesbian side with my sister - free lesbian sex story on

I watched for a little, and then ask, "Whatcha doin'? Sarah wanted to stop, but she was still fixated on her masturbating sister. Find the hottest sistersister stories you'll love.

Of course I know about it. Sarah pulled over and she and Stephanie got out of the car to look at the wreckage.

A sister's love

Unfortunately forgetting him sort of meant abandoning my sister and I feel terrible The art, the characters, and the stories. Sarah looked and saw that Stephanie was pointing at two cars that had collided. After several moments, Stephanie brought her hand from between her legs to her mouth and sucked several fingers into her mouth. She finally admitted that she was. I could see much better now. Sarah moaned and sighed loudly as she squeezed her breasts with her left while while her right hand worked away at her sensitive clit.

Stephanie brought her right hand back down between her legs and started rubbing herself again. She let out a groan and flopped back down onto the bed. For Chloe everything's perfect in her life, except for her girlfriend who constantly cheats and lies to her storiew it, when Stodies younger sister comes to liv. Her winkie was shiny and there was a little juice running out.

Exploring my lesbian side with my sister

The year-old kept her hand moving over her young slit. It felt great, a lot better than my fingers or the crayon I used sometimes. She bent sistwr head forward and kissed one of them. Soccer practice d on Monday when the coach got better.

Lesbian sister stories

I told her that I rubbed mine sometimes, and that I wouldn't tell anyone she was doing it. Stephanie's body was beginning to rock back and forth to her ministrations, letting Sarah know that her sister would cum at any moment. Read hot and popular stories about sistersister on Wattpad.

Lesbian sister stories

She wasn't wearing any panties. Even though she was unable to watch her sister get herself off, Sarah was still horny from anticipation. I wanted to do it some more! On the door was taped the same note that Sarah had seen on Friday, reading: Everyone on the girls' soccer team, Soccer practice will be canceled today. Stephanie then bent over, sticking her ass straight toward Sarah, allowing her sister to see her pink pussy lips right below her fully exposed anus.

Wiggle them around a little! As the days passed, Sarah felt that she had to tell Stephanie that she was in love with her.

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Stephanie was surprised when she saw her sister's car outside her school. Juices dripped from Stephanie's pussy as she came. Sarah knew that she should not be watching her sister like this, but she was frozen stiff, unable to avert her gaze from the view that her sister was giving her. One was a black Ford Mustang and the other was a red Volkswagen Beetle.

Sarah was disappointed that she would not be able to go home and watch her sister masturbate by the pool like she had done for the past week. Sarah was anxious for Monday to come along. I put my fingers on it, spread it open and tried to siister into the hole.

‘lesbian sisters’ stories

Sarah walked back to her car and drove home. Her eyes were fixed on Stephanie's fingers between her legs and she could not pull her fingers from her own cunt.

I mean, you could just play with my pussy, if you only want to do that. lesbian · girlxgirl · lgbt.

Sarah could feel her own nipples hardening, pressing against the cotton of her bra. You were rubbin your winkie, weren't you?

A journey to my sister

I'm 32 and identify as lesbian. Stephanie pushed her index and middle fingers inside herself and her hips pushed upward against her fingers. I felt her fingers trickle down my belly to my winkie and kinda run on top of it with her fingernails. The rest of her body was completely dry, so Sarah knew that the wetness was not just water from the pool. Although she did not want to admit it, Sarah could not deny that she was slowly falling in love with her sister.

Lesbian sister stories

Again, it was Stephanie's orgasm that pushed Sarah over the edge. He finally told me that he would sneak down the hall and stand outside our door to watch us. Mandy crawled up beside me and gave a little kiss on the lips. I like the taste and I kissed her to get another taste. It kinda looked like mine, but it had some hair on it; not as much as Mommy's or that Daddy had on his "peener".

She quickly closed the window and threw herself down on her bed, pretending to be resting. She smiled at the sweet scent of spring flowers.

Lesbian sister stories

When she put one of her fingers inside, it made a kind of squishy sound. She had not seen Stephanie naked for years. I nodded yes. It kinda tasted like my finger did when I put it in my mouth after I played with my winkie. Stephanie let out a moan that Sarah would sisfer have been able to hear if her window was closed. Mandy took my hand and put a couple of my fingers on a Lesbuan little bump just above her hole and told me to rub right there.