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How to unblock someone on fetlife


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Many women get stalkers, or extensive rape fantasies, or even out-and-out rape threats in their inbox.

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Click on "block user" and confirm that you want to block this member. All the time, in fact. Many women get stalkers, or extensive rape fantasies, or even out-and-out rape threats in their inbox.

How to unblock someone on fetlife

Help Sections. Just mine. But those who do should have an effective, flexible, and FetLife-supported way of keeping me out of their lives.

How to unblock someone on fetlife

Alternatively, if you are in a Private Message PM discussion with the person, on the right hand side of the conversation there is a "Block user" link. Which is a shame, because a lot of women have already left FetLife unlbock, well, creepy rapey assholes.

How to unblock someone on fetlife

How do I block another Member? Still, fact is that FetLife largely seems to view its users of all genders, no matter how unsavory, as useful for as long as they can generate hits and content for them — remember The Wolf?

I notice a lot of the people reacting very negatively to the walkout are right-wingers who are big on the free market — well, t is a customer base telling its client that they want changes made. And though I acknowledge that Fet has to devote resources to deal with laws like SESTA and the way that Kn seems hell-bent on shutting down payments to anything to do with porn, they also need to make things easier for the women on here.

Who have I blocked?

You can click on it there to block the member. Go to their profile.

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5. What does a block do? But to be fair, changes have been promised before and not been forthcoming, so people are skeptical. What can you do if someone is following you everywhere in.

How to unblock someone on fetlife

Not everyone finds me creepy. But if lots of people leave, as they have already? Is That All?

How to unblock someone on fetlife

So if I leave? I want to see it thrive. Well, people do that all the time to me at my job.

Unblock someone thats not in your friends list. this Unblock My Friend Just below the Block Users you will find the name of the friend you wish to unblock,click. How do I unblock someone? Personal Safety On Fetlife.

You shouldn't see this!

Then it was pointed out to me — not directly, but in a flurry of FetLife essays from various people — that some women really fucking hate that shit. They gotta prioritize features that improve the user experience, and I think that starts with better filtering tools and more comprehensive tools. My day job is being lead programmer on a site about as complex as FetLife, with hundreds of thousands of active users.

Hell, I did go dark for about two months during a recent mental collapse, and — surprise! Not such a much.

Who have i blocked? - help | fetlife

Lemme repeat that: Nope. For unblocking someone, simply go to the blocked list and then click on “Unblock​”. Blocking another member is easy.

What An Ego! And there are a lot of people using this walkout to shill for their kink-platform-of-choice, which is also capitalism, and I encourage that as well.

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All the while dealing with a rabid user base that fights like weasels trapped in a paint can over what they want — and probably eomeone a lot less money than most e-commerce sites take in. Currently, most of my buddies are here and I know how it works. But I like FetLife. How do I block another Member?

Fetlife review

I mean, why is it controversial at all to to want to retain productive users who generate nice pictures and kink for us, and screen offputting cho who do nothing but spam random people with badly-written fantasies? Even someome you have the best of intentions, working there has to be a nightmare, done mostly for the love.

How to unblock someone on fetlife

Sadly, no. There are two ways to do it. This temporary walkout, crude tool that it is, is a way of telling Fet that yeah, you need to prioritize this a lot more than you have.

Which means the more exploding, the better. Ponder, and wonder.