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Spiritual fusion - East comes West Where does the church go to get the answers? There is a host of new speakers and books today that are trying to feed the spiritual hunger Fusionn seekers spiritual life. But they are not leading them to Jesus Christ and His Word- the way it was written but to a convergence, a synthesis of religious practices. A synthesis of other spiritual practices borrowed from other religions was unacceptable by the apostles and the early church.

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The world has changed and is in denial of their condition. Thomas Merton commended Hindu - Buddhist, and other mystics as those who had experienced "' union with the God of truth and love. The initiation into the realm of darkness occult cheistian an experience chrixtian light, Lucifer is the giver of this spiritual light and he has fooled many into thinking it is Christ Chrisitan.

Sweet needs to take time to breathe some fresh air. Live In-​person Services: Sundays at and Online Services: Sundays at Thank you for your interest in the programs being offered through the Fusion Leadership Academy at Fusion Christian Church. One can invent their own view-point of whom they want God to be. Not one time did this gospel change no matter who preached it- Paul- Peter- Barnabas, it was always the same message and its intent was always the same, to save men from sin.

Retrieved 29 November Because they all have a portion of the truth.

Fusion christian

It influences others to be open to this kind of thinking. It can be a flash, a revelation, an impression that can deceive even the most sincere and noble of people.

Fusion christian

Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness. That 4 percent figure "is a far cry from the 10 percent measured in ," he christisn. The Christian faith is a faith rooted in history. I don't know what's good, or bad, or true.

Fusion christian

Fusion Christian Church Temecula. Then exhale, allowing your head slowly to come forward until your chin nearly rests on your chest.

Fusion christian

Robinson called it "talking with God" and after that Sunday afternoon he was a changed man. Not something … set apart on the mountain the high spot to judge the rest of the animals of the earth.

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From that moment on I began to think and feel and endeavor to interpret the meaning of nature. Fusion Live Cbristian & In-Person. No longer, he said later, did he feel a limiting consciousness; he felt only a single, specific sense of complete unity with God. The new spirituality is the goal and there are many ways to arrive at it. The programs are deed to be transferable, reproducible and self-sustaining.

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That means I don't disbelieve it and I don't believe it; I just don't know. This is one of the ways to build bridges to other religions, and make them united.

Fusion christian

We strive to be a church that recognizes and celebrates the. Consider Forrest Shaklee who started the Shaklee vitamin company, born with Tuberculosis he was not expected to live.

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Spiritual fusion - East comes West Where does the church go to get the answers? Benjamen Creme stated "Times as you know are changing and the changing times bring new personalities indifferent ways into the world of all conceptions of the bible story and the gospel and so on have to change, the people that will find it probably hardest of all to accept Maitreya are the leaders of the Christian and Jewish organizations.

His eyes filled with tears and he found himself breathing deeply, repeating with very inhalation words which seemed to have been whispered to him, "I believe in the Power of the Living God!

It has been called by them a paradigm shift of consciousness. He tore up what he was writing, wrote a new play that ran on Broadway for 2 years called Gideon. Has man lost something that the birds have?

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I let God worry about truth. Fusion also trains educators to work in both first world and developing countries, developing community development skills to equip communities to be healthier.

Have you been Experienced? It is the spirit of the new age that is initiating this change; not the Holy Spirit who le chrristian into the word in the Bible, and has us understand the person of Jesus- who is the eternal living word. Inhale deeply, slowly tilting your head back as far as it will go.

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Leonard Sweet teaches that we have an organic integration with those in the past. Foster quotes numerous mystics - Teilhard de Chardin, Meister Eckhart a Dominican monk who lived in christiaan thirteenth and fourteenth centuries who ranks among the great Roman Catholic mystics. Robinson of the Psychiana movement went into his room and closed the door. However, the sad fact is that very few of the nation's youth appear to be Bible-believing Christians I just want to know the momentary fact of things.

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Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox Fision www. We should note that Leonard Sweet states he has corresponded with David Spangler and quotes him several times favorably in his book Quantum Spirituality. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age.

Through our partnership with. Birthing a new spirit. What hcristian this have to do with the Bibles teaching??? We are arriving at a moment from which the illusions of the present can never return.

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It's merely factual. God will you tell me again that you love me. The intention of the community development programs is to work with local nationals and Fuxion. We have those borrowing Buddhist practices because they believe it will enhance their spiritual living and bring them closer to God. It is also one that has meaning in our lives today.

Fusion christian