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I made this video last year, so bear with me whilst I remember what happened Now these things are retarded expensive for what you get. Got this at a pretty large sex store in Toronto. Prolly the largest one as it had a couple floors. They used to have a RealDoll on display too, but it got mangled apparently. The plastic tube that its packaged in is actualy part of the tools you'll need to use it.

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Clone a willy curved

Learn how to make an exact replica of any penis in the comfort of your own home in this step-by-step SFW video. It poured all over my hands and onto my kitchen table. The molding powder that you need to make the molding of your cock.

Clone a willy curved

But just moderate. They used to have a RealDoll on display too, but it got mangled apparently.

I tried to clone my willy. here’s what happened

(Please note: 1 3/4 cups. Knowing what I now know.

Clone a willy curved

I wish the process allowed for more time to mix the mold and get sufficiently erect before it hardened. To my delight, I cut cirved tube too short. The second time, I added another few inches to the tube.

Clone a willy curved

So, if you find one of these, my suggestion is if you want some fun, buy it, but dont pay full price as the company no longer exists and the item is prolly more than a few years old. Start your timer.

Clone a willy curved

The CAW kit is litterally finished in 24 hours. This was a mistake.

Clone-a-willy glow in the dark molding kit - neon purple

After 24 hours had passed, I wiggled and pulled the dildo out with all my might. The Hardest part for me was staying hard while it was forming so it came out slightly bent as I lost a little erection. Wait 24 hours before removing your finished dildo from the mold. Or was when I first used this little fun kit.

He, too, struggled with the molding mixture, and his curved penis kept touching the. Thanks to Clone-A-Willythis was made possible. Hence why I switched to silicone.

Clone a willy curved

After I studied each of the ingredients, I went to work on creating my dildo. A stirring stick. It's been a year and the rubber phallus still stinks. Stir no longer than 60 seconds. Pour the mixture into the molding tube.

Clone-a-willy kit vibrating - glow in the dark |

Mix the two jars of silicone together in a clean, disposable container. The Portland-based company has produced a DIY kit that lets men create an exact replica of their penis and then turn it into a personalized vibrating dildo for your gal. Clkne is where things get pretty scary because now it's all, like, scientific and stuff. Do it with pride or don't bother doing it! While I still have the actual replica I made of myself from the original kit, I only keep it for display.

I Lady Macbeth'ed the hell out of my hands Colne I discovered that coconut oil was the best remedy for getting that shit off. Insert the silicone and cardboard assembly into the Colne of the filled mold so that the cardboard rests flat against the top of the tube.

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In a space where personalization is virtually non-existent, I love the personal touch that Clone-A-Willy offers prospective buyers. Cut tube to match the length of your erect penis, plus half an inch. I didn't want to let that boner go to waste, so I watched a few clips on my phone. Thinking about buying a Clone A Willy penis casting kit?

Clone a willy curved

Clone them proudly. Good thing I got two! Now these things are retarded expensive for what you get.

Clone a willy deep skin tone kit make your own dildo vibrating clone-a-willy for sale online | ebay

I had to use 2 kits worth of silicone and it literally. I made this wwilly last year, so bear with me whilst I remember what happened But, I did it! Once the mold has gelled, remove your penis while leaving the mold inside the tube. Clone your cocks, gentlemen.

Clone a willy review: dick molding kit from empire labs

As per the instructions, here's how I did it. However, as I used Plaster-of-Paris and Platinum Silicone, my substitution project took alot longer to finish. Bobby Box I desperately tried washing my hands, but since this was silicone I was dealing with it didn't work.