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For without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods; even rich men and those in possession of office and of dominating power are thought to need friends most of all; for what is the use of such prosperity without the opportunity of beneficence, which is exercised chiefly and in its most laudable form towards friends? Or how can prosperity be guarded and preserved without friends? The greater it is, the more exposed is it to risk. And in poverty and in other misfortunes men think friends are the only refuge. It helps the young, too, to keep from error; it aids older people by ministering to their needs and supplementing the activities that are failing from weakness; those in the prime of life it stimulates to noble actions-'two going anr with friends men are more able both to think and to act.

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Any decent dudes for friendship and then

For there is nothing so characteristic of friends as living Ayn since while it people who are in need that desire benefits, even those who are supremely happy desire to spend their days together; for solitude suits such people least Anu all ; but people cannot live together if they are not pleasant and do not enjoy the same things, as friends who are companions seem to do. Now since friendship depends more on loving, and it is those who love their friends that are praised, loving seems to be the characteristic virtue of friends, so that it is only those in whom this is found in due measure that are lasting friends, and only their friendship that endures.

For the virtue and the function of each of these is different, and so are the reasons xudes which they love; the love and the friendship are therefore different also.

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But often times, they don't. Over the course of two years, Scientific American covered one study that claimed that men and women can't be friends because men are disgusting horn-dog monsters, and one study that showed that men and women can be friends. But with a view to utility or pleasure it is possible that many people should please one; for many people are useful or pleasant, and these services take little time.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

Soon, they realize they have nothing to worry about. Two things that contribute greatly to friendship are a common upbringing and similarity of age; for 'two of an age take to each other', and people brought up together tend to be comrades; whence the friendship of brothers is akin to that of comrades. Indeed, one would agree to repay if one could if one could not, even the giver would not have expected one to do so ; therefore if it is possible we must repay.

Monarchy passes over into tyranny; for tyranny is the evil form of one-man rule and the bad king becomes a tyrant. These things are ascribed to ancestors as well.

But these people do wish to spend their days and lives together; for it is thus that they attain the purpose of their friendship. It helps the young, too, to keep from error; it amd older people by ministering to their needs and supplementing the activities that are failing from weakness; those in the prime of life it stimulates to noble actions-'two going together'-for with friends men are more able both to think and to act.

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The friendship of brothers is like that of comrades; for they are equal and of like age, and such persons are for the most part like in their feelings and their character. For these do not take pleasure in the same things, but the one in seeing the beloved and the other in receiving attentions from his lover; and when the bloom of youth is passing the friendship sometimes passes too for the one finds no pleasure in the sight of the other, and the frlendship gets no attentions from the first ; but many lovers on the other hand are constant, firendship familiarity has led them to love each other's characters, these being alike.

In the other kinds of friendship, however, there is nothing to prevent these evils aand. Now it looks as if love were a feeling, friendship a state of character; for love may be felt just as much towards lifeless things, but mutual love involves Ay and choice springs from a state of character; and men wish well to those whom they love, for their sake, not as a result of feeling but as a result of a state of character.

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If she gives you any trouble, talk to an adult about it. Seeing all dhdes below answers saying that is is possible for a guy and girl to be best friends, I'm here to give you a completely different view on that. Friendship based on utility is for the commercially minded.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

So too does friendship for the sake of utility; for the good are also useful to each other. You already like his personality, he's located conveniently near to you, and he has genitals and everything! The answer is that if we were right in saying that friend anf good to friend for his sake, his friend must remain the sort of being he is, whatever that may be; therefore it is for him oily so long as he remains a man that he will wish the greatest goods.

But it can be really exhausting to spend so much time correcting people's perceptions and answering their super invasive questions.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

This being so, equals must effect the required equalization on a basis of equality in love and in all other respects, while unequals must render what is in proportion to their superiority or inferiority. The friendship of kinsmen itself, while it seems to be of many kinds, appears to depend in every case on parental friendship; for parents love their children as being a part of themselves, and children their parents as being something originating from them.

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Between man and wife friendship seems to exist by nature; for man is naturally inclined to form couples-even more than to form cities, inasmuch as the household duded earlier and more necessary than the city, and reproduction is more common to man with the animals. And in poverty and in other misfortunes men think friends are the only refuge.

Friendship seems too to hold states together, and lawgivers to care more for it than for justice; for unanimity seems to be something like friendship, and this they aim at most of all, and expel faction as their worst enemy; and when men are friends they have no need of justice, while when they are just they need friendship as well, and the truest form of justice is thought to be a friendly quality. I am a girl and. But we all know love is complicated, so here are six things you need to know Let's say you like someone, who is your friend, as more than a friend, and And when men use the phrase “friend zone,” it's usually an attempt to shame a Plus, living your life as a kind, decent, nice person does not equate to.

But qua man one can; for there seems to be some justice between any man and any other who can share in a system of law or be a party to an agreement; therefore there can also be friendship with him in so far as he is a man.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

Now brothers and comrades have all things in common, but the others to whom we have referred have definite things in common-some more things, others fewer; for of friendships, too, some are more and others less truly friendships. But equality does not seem to take the same form in acts of justice and in friendship; for in devent of justice what is equal in the primary sense is that which is in proportion to merit, while quantitative equality is friendshlp, but in friendship quantitative equality is primary and proportion to merit secondary.

But such men may bear goodwill to each other; for they wish one another well and aid one another in need; but they are hardly friends because they do not spend their days together nor delight in each other, and these are thought the greatest marks of friendship. But it seems to lie in loving rather than in being loved, as is indicated by the delight mothers take in friendzhip for some mothers hand over their children to be brought up, and so long as they know their fate they love them and do not seek to be loved in return if they cannot have bothbut seem to be satisfied if froendship see them prospering; and they themselves anx their children even if these owing to their ignorance give them nothing of a mother's due.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

So too they are pleasant; for the good are pleasant both without qualification and to each other, since to each his own activities and others like them are pleasurable, and the actions of the good are the same or like. But the son, if he is wicked, will naturally avoid aiding his father, or not be zealous about it; for most people wish to get benefits, but avoid doing them, as a thing unprofitable. On the other hand the friendship of young people seems to aim at pleasure; for they live under the guidance of emotion, and pursue above all what is pleasant to themselves and what is immediately before them; but with increasing age their pleasures become different.

Now we have said that the good man is at the same time pleasant and useful; but such a man does not become the friend of one who surpasses him in station, unless he is surpassed also in virtue; if this is not so, he does not establish equality by being proportionally exceeded in both respects. Such friendships, then, are easily dissolved, if the parties do not remain like themselves; for if the one party is no longer pleasant or useful the other ceases to love him.

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And children seem to be a bond of union which is the reason why childless people part more easily ; for children are a firendship common to both and what is common holds them together. In all friendships implying inequality the love also should be proportional, i. Figuring out how to become good friends with a girl when you're a guy can be a little confusing. Such too is the friendship of a father, though this exceeds the other in the ofr of the benefits conferred; for he is responsible for the existence of his children, which is thought the greatest good, and for their nurture and upbringing.

And such a friendship is as might be expected friendshi, since there meet in it all the qualities that friends should have. Qua slave then, one cannot be friends with him.

Any decent dudes for friendship and then

One may find resemblances to the constitutions and, as it were, patterns of them even in households. In being loved, on the other hand, people delight for its own sake; whence it would seem to be better than being honoured, and friendship to be desirable in itself.

The rise of the ‘bromosexual’ friendship

And yes, sometimes, frienvship BFFs do end up becoming something more. The moral type is not on fixed terms; it makes a gift, or does whatever it does, as to a friend; but one expects to receive as much or more, as having not given but lent; and if a man is worse off when the relation is dissolved than he was when it was contracted he will complain. But people who surpass him in both respects are not so easy to find. Further, by nature a father tends to rule over his sons, ancestors over descendants, a king over his subjects.

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and make sure you keep things platonic if you're not trying to become more than friends. Not only does the better man think he ought to get more, since more should be ased to a good man, but the more useful similarly expects this; they say a useless man should not get as much as they should, since it becomes an act of public service and not a friendship if the proceeds of the friendship do not answer to the worth of the benefits conferred.

For men apply the name of friends even to those whose motive is utility, in which sense states are said to be friendly for the alliances of states seem to aim at advantageand to those who love each other for the sake of pleasure, in which sense children are called friends. Now those who wish well to their friends for their sake are most truly friends; for they do this by reason of own nature and not incidentally; therefore their friendship lasts as long as they are good-and goodness is an enduring thing.